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when in doubt

Donna Karan ’94 by Steven Meisel

since birth, modern women were told they could be anything they wanted to be. i swore i was going to be a doctor or marine biologist growing up but that all changed when i met the illusturous donna karan on the pages of american vogue. from that moment on i knew i didn’t have to dress or act like one kind of modern woman. donna’s simple elegance coupled with practical designs that worked on every woman made me realize that the modern gal can have many faces. and coats. and dresses. and shoes. thank you ms. karan for opening my eyes to a whole new world and a new fantastic point of view. – chantel

valentino pre-fall 2014


the changing of the guard at valentino has been a rocky one. there have been some unsure footing for the first collections post mr. garavani’s departure. but we looooovvvveee what maria grazia chiuri and pierpaolo piccolo have been doing! the latest collection is definitely our fave. it’s severe (which is a delicious compliment), elegant and totally wearable. all things that are important to us. plus, the presentation hair is perfect. we are living for a middle parted chignon right now. living, we said!

we can’t deny

via gstar

nothing makes us happier than a monochromatic palette and a head wrap. stellar combo. well done, g star. well done.

good ole days

cher 1977 studio 54

yaaaaassss! dance with abandon. always. geddit.

yay or nay?

via lavender fresh

i have been way over skinny jeans for a long time but i still continue to wear them. whenever i have ever ventured toward a straight leg jean it just isn’t right. there are 90’s overtones to it and not in a good way. i have tried numerous brands and washes and just can’t get it right. this lady gives me hope. though what’s she’s sporting could almost be called “flares” i’m putting these in the straight leg jean category. if only just to inspire me.

m. patmos pre-fall 2014

dear m. patmos and co, you can send all these garments to us via messenger. we will gladly wear them with pride and instagram the crap out of each piece. we commend you on the amazing job you did with this collection and have just solidified us as fans for life.

we love you,

us at miette


lanvin pre fall 2014

we aren’t really lanvin people but seriously?! like woah! need. badly. holy crow.


maria in her soopa scarf when it was 8 degrees outside

yokoo, herself in a the same beautiful scurf

if you haven’t been near any social media, new coverage or people at all then you probably haven’t heard that we were in a  “polar vortex.” without getting too technical, it basically means that its been colder than holy dammit outside. now i am not really a hat person myself, so i find alternatives. namely, fur earmuffs that look totally ridiculous and the warmest scarf that i can find. thank the universe that yokoo makes the best scarves in the history of knit objects. plus, she has the most darling vision and photographs around. we love her. she is saving our lives right now!

dover street market: new york

taken by maria for miette

taken by maria for miette

taken by maria for miette

it’s safe to say that we pray at the church of rei kawakubo. it’s even safer to say that when it was announced that a dover street market was opening in new york we cried. and died. and cried again. dover street market as a whole, holds all that we love and need. celine, junya watanabe, a rose bakery, jacquemas, plus all that comme des garçons produces and so much more. it’s pretty exciting all around. we took a stroll over today and left feeling elated and fulfilled. it’s our new boyfriend.

where i’m going

pina bausch with yohji yamamoto

mona kowalska via zero magazine

so some changes on the sartorial front for me: i have eradicated all color from my wardrobe. not that there was a lot to being with but it’s really all gone now. i have some beloved pieces from a.p.c and celine that i can’t throw away but overall i am so over color and can’t do it. i am really loving white and black right now. it makes me happy. also, my sartorial inspirations for this year and for life are pina bausch (yohji yamamoto muse and famous ballet dancer) and mona kowalska (owner of a detacher). both women define simple, beautiful style with no frills and all kind of chills. i am obsessed. also since it’s winter i am all about being swathed in fabrics…layers upon layers of the good stuff. what’s better than being swathed, i ask you? nothing. -maria