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benedict cumberbatch

maybe there’s something wrong with us but benedict was cute during “atonement” when he was that creepy chocolate heir. but since “sherlock” has become our obsession (we watched the finale pausing every five minutes to squeal and faint and act like all around idiots) he went from being medium-cute to beautifully perfect. we don’t know why either. some things aren’t meant to question but to just enjoy.

bringing it back

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i’ll be honest. i had buried my beloved stripes this past fall when i saw a flurry of them on the high street landscape. plus, stripes are harder to rock in the winter anyway. but the other day, i was watching “coco before chanel” and it brought back how much i loved them. i am an avid saint james collector as i have mentioned before and last weekend i pulled one on for a day of errand running. i ended up wearing it three days in a row. so i’m bringing them all back. plus, paired with a high waisted trouser it is still the perfect effortless outfit. just the way coco intended. -maria

we need

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well done, emerson fry. well done.

bum out…kind of

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i love my stan smiths and have for the last two and a half years that i have owned them. am i a little bummed out that they are now considered the “fashion girl shoe?” (i shuddered writing that, btw). yes, i am little bummed. but i don’t want to be that person. everyone can wear them. just don’t call them “fashion girl” shoes please. call them “shoes for the smartest, flyest girls on the street.” that doesn’t bum me out. -maria

soft pants

Oscar Essentials

from left to right: muji cardigan, joesph silk slip dress, winona at the oscars, thomas mason for jcrew pj’s, ll bean duck boots, oscar ballots, want les essentiels de la vie o’hare tote, patron

the only reason to wade through the snow on a sunday from our downtown office (we worked on the sabbath. see? dedicated) to our friends uptown abode is for an impending oscar party (and promised taco bar). though the red carpet is like sports to us, red carpet fashion as a whole is always lukewarm at best. starlets rarely exhibit the style that we admire so we rely on our tried and trues, cate blanchett, tilde swinton, and the hasn’t-taken-a-wrong fashion-turn-yet, lupita n’yongo. as for what we will be wearing the dress code is pajamas and jewels. we come bearing tequila. a recipe for goodness all around, non. – chantel & maria

margaret howell s/s 2014



this weekend was a warm one in new york and people got very excited. i saw bare legs and short skirts and there was still snow on the ground. but it made me realize that though we have had a long winter and it’s not done, spring is coming and i haven’t really thought through my spring wardrobe. now truth be told, my spring wardrobe is much like my winter wardrobe just different fabrics and i forgo tights. but it’s always nice to pretend i’m going to try different things. here is my push toward different things…margaret howell’s perfect collection for spring/summer. let’s pretend that we don’t write about her every season, shall we?  -maria

geddit girl

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any woman that can get away with dressing like an prisoner from the 1940’s and still look amazing gets a quadruple thumbs up! teach us! show us the way! geddit! -maria

geddit girl


as much as i adored a’detacher’s a/w 2014 collection the best runway look belonged to the line’s designer, mona kowalska. we have championed her unique style before and it is my personal sartorial inspiration for this year. can you blame me? peep her flawlessness and be inspired as well.  -maria

happy valentine’s day

happy valentine’s day from the four of us.

we love you

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i’m a daydreamer. major daydreamer. constantly drawing some sketch or building a world in my head over my argula salad (the kind with figs and bits of bacon). most recently i’m back to my 10 yr old self, daydreaming of having flowing locks of grey hair. i’ve asked maria one too many times, and have received two too may adamant no’s. is it because i long for that instant regal wisdom that having gray hair seems to bring or i’m still fascinated with being storm from x-men? both. totally both. – chantel