soft pants

by miette

Oscar Essentials

from left to right: muji cardigan, joesph silk slip dress, winona at the oscars, thomas mason for jcrew pj’s, ll bean duck boots, oscar ballots, want les essentiels de la vie o’hare tote, patron

the only reason to wade through the snow on a sunday from our downtown office (we worked on the sabbath. see? dedicated) to our friends uptown abode is for an impending oscar party (and promised taco bar). though the red carpet is like sports to us, red carpet fashion as a whole is always lukewarm at best. starlets rarely exhibit the style that we admire so we rely on our tried and trues, cate blanchett, tilde swinton, and the hasn’t-taken-a-wrong fashion-turn-yet, lupita n’yongo. as for what we will be wearing the dress code is pajamas and jewels. we come bearing tequila. a recipe for goodness all around, non. – chantel & maria