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noma t.d. ss13


noma t.d. ss13


noma t.d. ss13

from the moment i met masako noguchi, one half of the creative duo of noma t.d., i was instantly drawn to her. her welcoming, yet humble and very japanese demeanor felt similar to my own idiosyncrasies, which made her perfect in my eyes. she organically has the ability to design beautiful textiles and envision collections that transcend our imaginations; a creative force none the less. currently, noma t.d. shows both mens and womens s/s and f/w.

it was only natural that we here at miette wanted to interview this fascinating woman, whom we now call our friend.

what inspired you to start noma t.d. ?
i started designing textile for fashion brands, including luxury brands, since i was in college. after i graduated art college in london, i moved to nyc. i did freelance work with textile for a couple months. then i thought i should start my own brand. i wanted to make the whole thing; the process from textile to garments.

how would you describe your aesthetic?
i like contrary things. hard and soft, masculine and feminine, sophisticated with attitude, funny and cynical, graphical and craft, etc. with research for collections, i always look for something different or opposite, and combined together. the complex makes things more interesting.

who is your style icon?
friends, people on the street who enjoy their life.

what are your current obsessions?
music, art, food, work, book, film, alcohol…everything! i also love traveling a lot.

what is your favorite book?
it’s so difficult to pick one.

what is something you cannot live without?
books and coffee.

goals for this year ( professionally or personally )?
we are working on spring/summer14 right now, so i am really concentrate on it.
also,we will start to show our collection in abroad from s/s14. i am very excited about it.

check her out!

xoxo, april et maria