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geddit girl

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midi length skirt? check. shapeless blouse in a neutral color we love? check. best outfit ever? check.

bottoms up

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when we are looking for the perfect outfits to help us through the hellish summer that is surely coming, a conceptual trouser in a light fabric is right on the mark. well done, annitan. well done.

hubba hubba

david sims

the beautiful glory that is david sims, prolific photographer and husband to the amazing luella bartley. plus, he surfs. let’s all sigh together now….


ter et batine summer 2014

this spring/summer we plan to wear a lot of white. here’s the direction we are going. cute as shit, right?

join us

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it’s getting slightly warmer here in new york. you still have to wear a coat but exposed ankles are everywhere! we are liking it. we are doing it.

happy friday

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it’s been a long, hard week.  happy friday, people. we love you

pretty much

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this is a good interpretation of what we look like when we shoot. it’s all about comfort, warmth and a catatonic look on our face once we have been shooting more than 15 hours.


via stevienicks

stevie is everything. this we know. through all that she has gone through, she still remains a goddess on every aspect. she’s a dove. a one-winged dove even.

monday, monday

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today was the kind of day that i needed to wear my hair in my face to hide from the world. the only things that would have helped were the impeccable white turtleneck and immaculate black trousers that i would have been wearing as well. none of these things happened. so instead…i am eating a snickers and watching downtown abbey in the dark. don’t judge.

we hearts her

sarah lihn-tran

sarah lihn-tran is our best friend. she just doesn’t know it yet. partner in life and work to christophe lemaire, she is designer, art director, stylist and muse to both his eponymous brand and hermes. “we’ve always had a problem with fashion as a self-referential system” says tran in apartamento
#10.  “for us, fashion must follow life, reality…we start from reality in order to get to the ideal.”  sarah encapsulates all that we strive for…effortless chic, the ability to look like she woke up like this and actually mean it and a closet full of lemaire designed perfection. flawless.